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Important Cavity Facts from Somerset Family Dentistry Pros

Very few people complete their life without having cavity problems.  According to a 2016 study, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 90% of adults in America have had a cavity. Apart from that, they found tooth decay alone affecting around 35% of the world's population. So, it’s obvious that cavities and tooth decay are quite common problems around the globe. Somerset Family Dentistry is sharing some of the myths and facts about cavities and how you can prevent them.

Fact 1 : There is a common myth that you can easily notice when you have cavity. The fact is, early tooth decay isn’t easily visible. Usually, patients don’t feel pain until the condition gets worse and affects the tooth nerve.

Fact 2 : Mostly children get cavities. The advancements in pediatric dental solutions have vastly reduced the number of cavity cases in children in the last couple of decades. However, bad dental habits and oral hygiene are the main reasons for cavities in adults. Poor hygiene and reduced saliva flow due to continuous medication can cause bacteria formation. Quality family dentistry services from Smile Designs 101 can help adults fight cavities and keep their natural teeth.

Fact 3 : If you have sensitive teeth, you have cavities. In fact, there can be many reasons for teeth sensitivity that include gum recession or use of bad teeth whitening kits. If you feel sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods, you should see a dental care to resolve sensitivity issues.

Fact 4 : Aspirin relieves toothache. Some people have the misconception that chewing aspirin can reduce their toothache. In reality, they are jeopardizing their dental health. When aspirin directly contacts your palate, gums, and teeth, it may damage soft tissues and may cause blisters. If you’re experiencing a toothache, it’s better to consult a professional dentist.

Fact 5 : Cavities in deciduous teeth or baby teeth don’t require treatment. Parents should take good care of their baby’s primary teeth because if they develop cavities, it can be very painful for them. In fact, problems in baby teeth may grow into permanent teeth and can become a long-term concern as children grow.

If you or your child having cavities or any other dental problems, you can Contact- Smile Designs 101 for the best dental solutions. We have years of experience in treating different dental problems and committed to delivering excellent family dentistry services to our clients.

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